I have found that my job here in India involves many ceremonial duties that I never anticipated.  This week, it was judging the monthly ladies club cooking contest.  While many of our employees do eat meat, the tradition is for the contest to be 100% vegetarian.  The contest has the following rules:
  1. There is one seasonally fresh ingredient that must be used.
  2. There are 8-10 optional ingredients.
  3. Three judges will score based on Taste, Quality, and presentation in that order of importance.
The focus ingredient this month was sagoo or sago.  I found myself wanting to award points more for presentation than for the other criteria. 
I guess I should have taken pictures of the winners holding their dishes, but I didn't really think about it.

There were 27 dishes in all.  We picked the top three and three consolation prizes.  I don't know what the winners got, but they had gifts for the judges.  I got a pen.
Kate Harrow
7/27/2012 12:00:07 am

Wow, you're right, that is some seriously impressive presentation!


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