L opened with a meaningful post about our ever growing appreciation of life in the United States.  Life here in India is full of high-class problems.  One of these problems is not driving ourselves due to the crazy traffic and legal risks in the event of an accident.  It sounds great and it does have some positive benefits, but there is a good bit of downside.  We have decided that we need to change drivers and I am going to follow with live record of L and I talking about what we will tell our new driver when he starts:
  1. Never ask how much we pay for anything.  It is rude and is none of your business.  I promise I will never ask you how much you spend on sugar for your tea.
  2. Do not pull up outside of people's houses and honk your horn for them to come outside.  Our current driver never did that, but our friend's driver thought that was a good idea today.
  3. My wife is in charge, not me.  Do not inconvenience her because you think I am more important.  That is absolutely not the case.
  4. If you are asked to do something, do not reply, "today?" or "now?"
  5. I know everything is cheaper in Secunderabad, but it isn't worth the 2 hour round trip to save 20 cents.
  6. Find out from Ashley's driver where the wholesale liquor store is.
  7. Do not treat female family members and friends like they are idiots.
  8. No, you can't live here.
  9. My wife is in charge, not me.  I know it is a repeat, but it is very important.

We'll let you know how things work out... 

10/10/2012 20:14:45


Love this! Especially the reiterated rule. Oh, and did you find the liquor store? ;) -D


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